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Happy Makar Sankrant – Indin Festival

Deepen the enjoyment of the festoon by sending sweet wishes to your loved ones …. Makar Sankrant said that they come in front of the first eye, the tall marijuana mud and TilGul(combination of Sesame and jaggery)-delicious delicious laddoo. It is a sweet festival to forget about being old and new again. This is the moment to wish to till(little) each other. 

If you are in your hometown, then the festival to celebrate with your family will be special. But if you are away from your family, do not forget to greet them with Whatsapp or SMS. They will very happy to get this wishes and feel good about you.

And if you have website like Festival wishes app, very easy to send messages to your friends, family and your loved ones. 

happy makar sankranti

Where celebrated Makar Sankrant?

One of the biggest festival of Hindus is Makar Sankranti. It is celebrated not only in India but also in Nepal with great fanfare. In Uttar Pradesh, this festival is also called ‘festival of charity’. Especially in the month of Allah, the first bath of the Magh Mela starts from the day of Makar Sankrant which runs till Shivaratri.

Apart from this, this festival is celebrated in different states as well. It is known in South India as Pongal. Khachari is built on this day in Bihar, hence the festival is known as Khichdi. In Punjab it is celebrated as Lohri. In Assam, it is also known in the name of Magh-bihu in Assam.

Why celebrate Makar Sankrant Festival?

The only festival that comes in the month of Paush(पौष) is the Sankrant. Transition means crossing, that means entering the sun in the name of Makar is called Makar Sankrant. From sunrise to sun, the sun begins to go north, this action of the sun is called the ‘Uttarayan’. The northern days grow bigger and the nights are small. The sunlight officer gets more. This phenomenon has an effect on human life. The night of Aashadh(आषाढ ) month increases day by day and it becomes a sign of getting more sunlight due to the dawn which is coming from the rainy season, and the festival of happiness is Sankrant! On this day, flows sesame and rice to God. The women give wheat, sugarcane pieces, mildew, and cotton to Brahmins. On that day – Ladies doing Haldi(turmeric) – Kunku and used to give variety of utensils to Suvasinis(married lady). And when giving the sesame jaggery, say ‘TilGul, take sweet’.

Makar sankrant message

The day before restoration is called ‘Bhogi’. On that day, the dough of mango pulse, sesame seeds, butter and have to be said to be consumed. There is also a story of this festival, it is said that Sankrant devi(Goddess) destroyed Sankarasur on the day of Makar Sankrant. This goddess has many hands. The description is given in the cabin, sitting on a vehicle, decorated with garments and holding different weapons in the hand, it goes from one direction to the other. This description of Sankranti is different from each year. In particular, it is believed that Sankrant Devi was interested in things which he loves. That is why we have come to the ‘Sankranta Varna’ meaning ‘distress’.

Wish you Happy Makar Sankrant!